Their Hidden Terms

Whilst this is a holding page (for now) for what will be coming, some of the Things you need to know when booking a flight with Emirates:

  1. If you have a problem, a real serious problem, you will be directed to a Web Form
  2. You will need to have a flight ticket number to use this form.  If you have a booking problem, well, then you are out of luck
  3. They aim to respond to a problem in 30 days.   Yes, 30 days.   Houses have been built faster than Emirates take to respond
  4. If they do something wrong (like they cancel a flight on you), their number 1 option is to make you pay, then sort it out later on
  5. When you need to apply for a refund, their standard refund terms are 12 TWELVE weeks from agreeing to a refund
  6. When you get a refund, you will be changed an ADMIN cost of around £125 (150USD) per ticket/flight combination