You Could Not Make This Up

So, just when you think things have started to settle down, another new email arrived today….

So, lets see – through either Emirates (or Expedia) our flights from the UK to Australia are making a quick SIX MONTH diversion via the USA.  What an interesting trip this is becoming.

Speaking to Expedia (who I have to say, support team is even worse than Emirates), they are once again, 100% pointing the finger at Emirates (note the Emirates booking reference at the top of the email).

So, 6 words for Emirates…. What the F**k Is Going On?????

UPDATE: Another call from Expedia, who say that they have spoken to Emirates and now everybody is confused.   Expedia think that Emirates have added a USA segment onto our booking ‘so that they can track it’ but soon, the USA flight will be cancelled and ‘we will get a refund for the USA flight’.   Well thats good news – happy to take a refund for a flight I never booked, paid for, or need.

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