How I Treat My Customers

Emirates runs a Business. I run a business. All my customers and VERY VERY happy. So I feel I am in a position to offer some advice to Emirates management.

When faced with an unhappy customer, you can brush them off, offer some off-hand mumbled sorry, or ignore them.

But then you will get VERY unhappy customers. Customers who get quite vocal about the situation. Who become, frankly, a pain in the bum.

There are 4 ways to deal with such a customer:
1) You ignore them, hoping that they will go away (some will, this may work)
2) You mumble some (not meant) ‘sorry’ and hope they go away (a lot will, more out of frustration)
3) You retaliate against them (either legally, or just bad mouthing them)
4) You man up, and make sure somebody REALLY acknowledges that you have F**ked up. You contact that customer, you really go to town, you agree that it was unacceptable. You tell them why it won’t happen again, you offer to put things right. You pull out all the stops.

In my business, I have never used option #1 (well I did once, it didn’t work, and I learnt the lesson). I have never ever used option #2. Nor option #3. I have used option #4, and things get back on track.

Just a suggestion, one business to another.

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