The “LEGAL” call

There comes a time when “the legal chat” happens. Where somebody who does not know the law, is told to tell somebody else that “legal teams” are getting involved. And for this site, this happened just now.

Whilst we were making good progress, Emirates decided that the best course of action was to sour the water with “the legal chat”…

Me To Emirates: “Obviously I let you guys know about the web site, but there has been no real work done on it. It’s a 5 minute job, and I certainly haven’t indexed it. What I am saying is, I created it out of frustration, so that you could understand my frustration, but also so that more people can understand my frustration… when I see the money hit my account, then I will make a decision about the web site, but at the moment I am not prepared to make a decision about the web site one way or the other.. is that fair?”
Emirates: “I understand. But as this was escalated this up to quite high levels and then onto Expedia, this has been passed onto or has been referred to our legal team”

Now, the big question is, is this provided for information? Or was it a threat?

Let me very clear for any legal bods:
• All emails, documents and other writing has been retained for reference
• All calls have been recorded (the above is a transcript snip-it of the last conversation)
• All information on this site is FACT. The fact that it may (or may not) make Emirates look bad is neither here nor there
• The site is as per MY Terms and Conditions, which were supplied to Emirates and READ without objection many many weeks ago (

Let me also be very clear, as discussed with Emirates just now, I have not made a decision one way or another about the current or future state or content of this site. BUT.. the fact is that the matter is still not fully resolved until the money has hit my account (a PayPal transfer would have been quicker), and I have yet to receive a formal apology for the wasted time, effort and more importantly, upset caused by these mistakes.

I repeat one of my early comments – all us small people want is a small slice of respect. And whilst I appreciate things are rapidly moving towards a state of resolution, we are not quite there yet.

But I wonder, do I need to get my own company lawyers on the case? But that is just more time, effort and cost which could have been avoided at day one. And is it takes is an apology. Hmmmm? Really, I have got better things to do with my life that waste this time. I will most likley take the site down and give the domain to Emirates, but only when the matter is resolved. If they instead want to go legal, thats fine as well – every item on this web site has rock-solid proof via a comment, email or screen capture from Emirates.

This is not my first Rodeo (the last one cost BT Communications £2.5million). I know what I am doing!

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