Emirates People, A Word Of Warning

Monitoring this site I can its had 4 7 people visit it today. Those are, myself, and (was 3, now 6) people working for Emirates (ip trace through firewalls is so easy when you know what your doing).

So to the Emirates team, a Friendly word of warning. DO NOT CHECK TO SEE IF GOOGLE KNOWS ABOUT THIS SITE

At the moment, its doesnt. Its not indexed. I have been careful about this. BUT, the moment you go looking for it (there are tools that say lookup the owner of a web site, or you put the whole domain in google to see if it knows it), well then guess what – suddenly it does. Google says..

“Oh, your looking up www.emirates-problems.com, well I don’t know about that site “, why would it, there are ZERO inbound links at the moment, “.. but now I do, so let me index it now”.

And once Google knows about it, so do all the other search engines, then its on twitter and then… well the box has been opened.

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