Every Moment is a RollerCoaster with Emirates

Once things go wrong with Emirates, I have found they go very wrong and they go wrong very quickly. Its like a rollercoaster – just when you think its all settled down, here come Emirates again to say they have changed their mind, or pressed the wrong button or something else has gone wrong… and they cant tell you why.

So today’s heart-stopping moment happened just a few moments ago, when the dreaded email came through of “Minor Changes to your flights”. The last email I got like this was to tell me that the minor changes were that they had kicked us off one of our flights by mistake (something that took Emirates 6 days to sort out).

What had they dont this time? Moved our flight dates to be in 1984? Maybe changed our destination from Australia to China?

Luckily, this time, it was just a small change to one of their partner (Qantas) flights to say it was landing 20 minutes earlier than first booked.

But it stil induced 5 minutes of panic. Thats what happens when you have dealt with Emirates for a while.

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